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The congregation at Knox Presbyterian Church in Stratford has confirmed that the church will pursue an ambitious plan to renovate and redevelop portions of the historic downtown church. In partnership with the Stratford Arts and Culture Collective (SACC), Knox has initiated a planning process that will see areas of the church converted to much-needed space for local performance and cultural programming, in addition to ongoing church worship programming and community outreach.


The vision is big and there is a lot of work to be done. But, if all goes well, here is what this unique project will accomplish.

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Sustain the worship options for the congregation

Preserve a significant

heritage site on Stratford’s main thoroughfare

Provide accessible and centrally located performance space for a variety of arts and cultural purposes

Identify revenue sources that will support ongoing operations on the church property

Improve the supply of affordable/socially responsible housing in Stratford

Sustain community outreach and support activities

PRESERVE   ➡︎   SUSTAIN   ➡︎   GROW   ➡︎   SERVE

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A bit of history. . .

Easy to miss, but fascinating to find, is the spot where the Latin motto “Nec tamen consumebatur” is imbedded on an exterior wall of Knox church. This roughly translates as “not yet spent” or “yet it is not consumed”.  It’s a reference to the burning bush in Exodus 3.2 and it is the motto of many Presbyterian churches. For a church that was rebuilt after a fire and is about to embark on a new vision for its property holdings, this motto continues to inspire today.